Hamlet is a somewhat difficult story for most students. Most teenagers find Renaissance literature quite boring and the language is too difficult to understand. Our objective is to present them an adapted version of the play so that they can see it from a different, enjoyable point of view.

A mindmap for Hamlet

 A mindmap for Hamlet!

Hamlet, the Film



Modern Hamlet

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Ophelia's song Shakespeare's Players

Ophelia's Song

The Shakespeare Players' performance of HAMLET (2012)

Ophelia's Song     'Teardrop'  

by Karim Yahyaoui
sung by Clara Helfer
piano: Rafael Rodriguez

I know I'll be alone tonight
This just can't be right
Hamlet, tell me is this the end
Our love blown like the sand
My heart's been in your hands  (2x)

Now my soul is torn
My attempts were all in vain
You took everything but the pain
Will we ever be the same?

A tear, so red
Is this blood, I am scared
Do you know that without you
I'll cry...I'll collapse and then I'll die

Heavens where am I
Without you I can't sigh
now all the bright is shaded
and our love has faded, faded to grey

Again a tear, so clear
All my hope has disappeared
You curdled my blood
You froze me up
Now I am stuck...can't move anymore

My heart has died
The moment you lied (2x)
The moment you lied



Pretty, crazy, young.
Sister of Laertes and daughter of Polonius.
She loved Hamlet and her family.
She got mad, she was very sad because his father died.
She feared that Hamlet rejected her. She was afraid of Laertes, and she didn’t fear death.
She discovered that Hamlet didn’t love her.
She wanted Hamlet’s love and to marry him.
She was born  and lived in Denmark.

Loving, cruel, determined.
Daughter of Polonius
She was in love with Hamlet
She was in love, and mad.
Who was scared of staying alone and of Hamlet.

A funny, good, friendly person
He worked for the king and knew Hamlet
HE loved digging tombs and looking at the bones.
He was scared of horses, soldiers and murderers
He wasn’ afraid of death, tombs or being a gravedigger.
He dug Ophelia’s tomb, it was his job, and spoke to Hamlet

Brave, Ugly, determined.
Who is the guard in the castles
Who wants peace in Denmark
Who hated the war and loved the peace
Who feared the ghost of Hamlet’s father
Who defended justice in Denmark
Born in and living in Denmark

Crazy, beautiful, intelligent and young
Girfriend of Hamlet, daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes
She wanted to marry Hamlet and she loved Polonius
She felt love for Hamlet but she was mad
She feared to be alone and that Hamlet didn’t love her.
She composed songs about flowers, Hamlet didn’t love her, she committed suicide.
She wanted to trust everybody
Born in Denmark’s castle

Kind, pretty and sweet
Daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes
Who loved Hamlet, flowers and her family
She felt sadness, happiness and love
Who feared to lose Hamlet but not death
Who changed everybody’s hearts and committed suicide
She wanted to marry Hamlet and be happy
Who lived in ElsinoreDenmark

Intelligent, brave, young
The king’s son and Claudius murderer
He loved his family, Ophelia, revenge and the truth
He hated Cludius and lies, and he didn’t want his mother to marry again
He was scared that people lied to him.
He was scared that everyone could be like Claudius and he was scared of being spied on.
He discovered the truth
He wanted to kill Claudio and marry Ophelia
He lived in Elsinore
Of Denmark

Funny, noble, clever
Brother of Ophelia, son of Polonius
He wanted to kill Hamlet, he wanted to study
He lived in the castle and knew Claudius
He didn’t want to die, he didn’t want Ophelia and Polonius to die
He saw Hamlet murder Polonius
Born in Denmark, living at Elsinore

Pretty, crazy, young
Sister of Laertes and daughter of Polonius
She loved Hamlet and her family
She got mad, she was sad because her father had died
She feared that Hamlet refused her, she was afraid of Laertes
She discovered that Hamlet didn’t love her
She wanted the love of Hamlet and marry him.
She was born and lived in Denmark

Loving, cruel, determined
The child of Polonius
She loved Hamlet
She was in love but she felt madness too
Who was scared of staying alone and of Hamlet
Who lived in a men’s world
Who wanted to be happy and marry Hamlet
She lived in Elsinore
Of Denmark

Who is a young man, a brave warrior and a protector of his family
Brother of Ophelia
Lover of revenge, justice and respect
Who feels angry for his father’s death, outraged for his sister’s death and ready to kill Hamlet
Who fears of losing the fight, humiliating himself and seeing the truth
Who would like to see his sister and his father alive, Hamlet dead
Resident of Denmark
Hamlet’s enemy in the final swordfight

Who is loyal, trustworthy and brave
A brotherly friend of Hamlet
Lover of justice, of friendship and peace
Who feels that Hamlet should reveal the truth, should take revenge and should rule Denmark
Who fears of Hamlet being killed and of not being able to reveal the news to the whole kingdom
Who would like to see Hamlet happy again, himself by his side and Claudius dead
Resident of Denmark
The messenger of the truth to the whole world

Who is loyal to the new King, strict with his daughter and his son
Father of Ophelia and Laertes
Lover of power, of deceit and of loyalty to a person that does not deserve it
Who feels rage for Hamlet’s behavior, proud of his son and rejection for his daughter
Who needs to serve Claudius, to know about Hamlet’s plans, to control Ophelia
Who fears Hamlet, the dead King and justice
Who would like to see Hamlet dead, himself gaining more power and his take revenge for his death and the death of his daughter.
Resident of the palace
Adviser to Claudius

Who is re-married after her husband’s death, is also betrayed and deceived by her new husband
Hamlet’s mother
Lover of the kingdom, of living in wealth and luxury
Who feels no pain for the dead king, who is happy with her new marriage, but is also worried about her son’s behavior
Who needs security, happiness and a man beside her.
Who fears of Hamlet’s behavior, of the truth and of justice
Who gives trust, love and the right to control everything to the new King Claudius
Who would like to see her son happy again, her home in peace and Hamlet show respect to Claudius
Resident of the palace
The Queen of Denmark

Who is insecure, treacherous, jealous and greedy
Brother of the dead king
Lover of power, wealth, control and fame
Who feels fear, hatred and rage
Who needs self-control, to be careful, to make a plan
Who fears Hamlet, the ghost and the day when his secret will be revealed
Who gives meanness, death and disgust
Who would like to see himself being the ruler of the whole world and everyone respect and fear him.
Resident of the palace
Murderer of the rightful King

Who is sensitive, in love, mad and heart-broken
Daughter of Polonius
Lover of Hamlet, her family, nature and peace.
Who feels vulnerable, betrayed, miserable
Who needs hope, support and faith
Who fears loneliness, disappointment and love
Who gives love, respect but also sadness
Who would like to see herself with Hamlet, in the castle, living a happy life
Resident of Denmark
A sad lady

Who is unlucky, sad, disappointed, angry
Son of the dead King of Denmark
Lover of Ophelia, of his country and his dead father
Who feels nervous, betrayed, confused
Who needs love, understanding and support
Who fears betrayal, failure, love
Who gives justice, peace in his kingdom and revenge,
Who would like to see his father in the throne again, a happy family and Ophelia by his side
Resident of the palace
Prince of Denmark

A murderer, intelligent, a bad person
Brother of Hamlet’s dead father, husband of Gertrude
Who loved being a king
Who felt fear and love
Who was scared that someone discovered that he was a murderer
Who became king of Denmark
Who wanted to see Hamlet die, ho wanted power and richness
He lived in Elsinore
Of Denmark



Read Act 4- 5:
Students are reporters in a popular newspaper of Hamlet’s time. They were just informed about the Royal family’s tragedy, which is the major event of the day. They write an article describing the events for the front page of the newspaper. Students work in groups, choose the name of the newspaper they work for, and publish their articles.  A ppt presentation is created to present the newspaper headlines concerning this tragic event.


I am very sad
I think that men are bad
Hamlet broke my heart
I didn’t dove him very much

Brother, I am going to die
I will commit suicide
Because I don’t like my life
So I say you bye, bye

Denmark, 5th June
Dear Hamlet,
I am very sad… You didn’t speak to me, you didn’t tell me your problems, and you didn’t give me your love… Now, it is late… I can’t think of anything else but you…
You’re original, funny, nice, serious… you are perfect for me, but now my heart is broken!
Oh, my Hamlet! What shall I do without you?
Mu father never liked you, but I liked, and like you so much. You are the v¡best and I will always love you.
My Hamlet, my perfect Hamlet…
Your Ophelia,
Forever… You
I love you

Dear Hamlet,
I’m writing this letter because I’m going to die. I want to tell you that I love you. I have loved you since the very first day I met you but I am very sad because I was silly and I never told you how much I love you and I want to spend all my life next to you.

Dear Laertes,
I’m unhappy because Hamlet is distracted. He is nice, handsome and intelligent for me. I love him, but now, I can’t stand him any more. I’m dying and I need you, brother.

I am going to kill myself because Hamlet doesn’t love me. I am sad and bored in the tree next to the river. Winter is going to end and the river flows so fast… the storm is coming. I’ll go to heaven. Don’t worry, I’ll be better.
(For you to tell Hamlet)

 I committed suicide because I wanted Hamlet but he never wanted me. I will be better when I die. I don’t like my life, it is horrible.

Dear Hamlet,
You’re all my life, but our love is dead. I needed you but I was stupid and now my heart is broken. I don’t want to live in this world. Your honour is more important than our love. I think that’s true.
PS. When you read this letter, I won’t be here.

Dear brother,
My problem with Hamlet is horrible. He doesn’t love me and I love him so much. I am going to jump from the tree because I am suffering a lot because Hamlet doesn’t pay any attention to me. But don’t worry…
I don’t want to live without Hamlet. He is everything I need. He is perfect for me. He is very funny, nice and a good person because he helps people.
He is my best friend but I think love is not for me so I’ll say goodbye to you forever.
Goodbye brother,

Dear Hamlet,
Do you remember when you were young?
We used to be together. You were my best friend. When I grew up I had another feeling about you. I loved you! You didn’t know about it and no other else knew either. When I dared to tell you it was so late! You had left…
Now that it is too late life doesn’t need me.
Sorry Hamlet, I hope that we’ll meet in heaven.

If you love
But I love you more
If you don’t love me
I die and
I don’t want to enjoy my life
If you don’t listen to me
I don’t want to listen to anyone
If you leave me
I will feel awful
I will kill myself